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A Cellofourte Christmas:


After a year of hard work, I am pleased to announce that the 3 song Christmas EP we released last year has been expanded into a full length (10 song) CD and is now available for purchase on our webstore!  Very happy with the way all the songs turned out and excited for everyone to be able to incorporate this new disc of Christmas music into their family traditions!

Cellofourte - Indie Again


After several productive years of collaboration Cellofourte and Skies Falls Records have officially parted ways.  We are thankful for the great times we had together but are excited to once again have complete artistic control!  Tate has a jam packed fall of touring (with Skillet) planned but is hoping to still have some time to record some new music later this year.  Keep checking back for more information about the upcoming cellofourte project!

Latest News
Exciting Developments:


It has been an incredibly busy year for Tate (lots of touring with Skillet, and working on projects around the house).  So, it is awesome to say that Tate has finally gotten around to rebuilding the project studio in his basement.  What this means for you the fans, is that new music should be released within a few weeks!  Thank you for your patience as I know many of you guys have been asking for music for awhile now;)

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